Nissan Leaf - Charging Plug And Cable Suitable For Nissan Leaf

Electric vehicle chargers for cars, vans, motorbikes and sports cars

Charging Lead

For connecting your vehicle to a charging point (plug to plug)

Nissan Leaf Charging Leads and Plugs

Type 1 Female to Type 2 Male Plug

Nissan Leaf Charging Lead and Plug

view 16amp plugview 32amp plug

What leads do I need to charge my Nissan Leaf?

Answer: Most current plug-in Vehicles Charge at 16A, due to their on board charging capacity, but future Vehicles will be able to charge at the much faster 32A rate.

16 amp Standard Charge 3.7 kw
32 amp Fast Charge 7.4 kw
16 amp 3 Phase 11 kw
32 amp 3 Phase 22 kw

Portable Charger

Charge directly from any domestic plug socket

Nissan Leaf Portable Charger

Mode 2 16a J1772 EVSE

Nissan Leaf portable charger

view 16amp portable J1772 UK plugview 16amp portable J1772 Schuko plugview option for EVSE Commando plug