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Maxus is a brand owned by SAIC Motor, a Chinese automaker. They produce a range of electric vehicles (EVs) under the Maxus EV lineup.

Maxus Euniq 5: The Maxus Euniq 5 is an all-electric compact SUV. It features a stylish design with a spacious interior and offers seating for five passengers. The Euniq 5 is equipped with a large battery pack, providing a significant electric range on a single charge. It also offers fast-charging capabilities, allowing for shorter charging times.

Maxus Euniq 6: The Maxus Euniq 6 is an electric sedan that offers a combination of performance, comfort, and advanced technology. It features a sleek and aerodynamic design, with a focus on energy efficiency. The Euniq 6 is expected to have a competitive electric range and various features aimed at enhancing the driving experience.

Maxus Euniq MPV: Maxus also offers an electric multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) under the Euniq brand. The Euniq MPV provides a spacious and versatile interior, suitable for larger families or those needing extra cargo capacity. It is designed to be efficient and practical while offering the benefits of an electric powertrain.


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