Juice Chargerme 3 - 22KW Smart Charger, with 32A 3Phase Tethered Lead for Mercedes Benz GLE 500

Weight: 7.00kg / Delivery weight: 8.00kg




JUICE CHARGER me 3 Just plug in and start charging

Precise measurement optionally available with a directly readable meter calibrated in accordance with the MID standard for dynamic load management and precise, consumption-based billing of the charging current.

Integrated WiFi module for connection to the JUICE-EXO backend or for over-the-air device updates.

Future-proof ISO 15118 (Plug and Charge): The charging station automatically detects your car and activates the charging process. (As long as your car supports ISO 15118.)

Networked With JUICE EXO you have a full overview of your installation.

Whether it is charging unit management, user administration or invoicing – with the backend from Juice, you can do everything online.

JUICE CHARGER me 3 Just plug in and start charging Flexible installation Can be installed on a Charging Post, Wall or as a flush-mounted variant.

Load management Local dynamic charging management is included for up to 250 charging stations.

The JUICE CHARGER me 3 is also available with a directly readable, **MID-certified meter. **

For direct connection to power distribution systems such as busbars or flat ribbon cables, the JUICE CHARGER me 3 is available with a built-in FI/LS (fault current/line circuit breaker).

The Charging Post, available separately, integrates perfectly into any surroundings with its sleek, timeless design. Visually discreet, it impresses with its functionality and rugged durability.

Activation via RFID Standardised activation with two pre-programmed RFID cards. Perfectly designed, for installation on the wall or pillar, safe for outdoor use. 5 metre cable So that it reaches the charging socket even if the parking position isn’t perfect.

Clear communication The LED icons on the front panel display the current status of the device clearly at all times.

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Product details

High-Quality Design

2 Programmed RFID Cards

Wifi Communication

Type 2 16A 3Phase Female Vehicle Plug with 5m Cable

Quick Install Wall, Charging Post or Flush Mount

With or without MID Meter

IK10 Impact Resistance

Load Management upto 250 Charging Stations

Dust and waterproof also protected against submersion (IP67).

Operating temperature −30 °C to +50 °C

Weight 6.5KG

Compatible with all electric vehicles that are fitted with a Type-2 connector

Product care

Ensure your charge cable is protected against water and damp to ensure the long life of your cable.

Ensure that your charging cable is not twisted or excessively tightly bent during cable storage.

Always store the cable in a dry, clean place. Plug to plug cables should be removed from the charge unit when not in use. This will also protect the charge unit from damp and dust.

Dust caps should always be replaced when cable is not in use.

It is advisable to periodically clean the plug pins with a dry, clean cloth. This will remove any damp or dust particles which will cause damage.

DO NOT drive over your cable or plugs or continually drop the plugs.

We recommend your charge your vehicle in the following sequence:

  • Charge Station.
  • First Plug the Male Charger Plug into the Charge Station then Female Plug into your Vehicle.
  • When finished Charging disconnect the Vehicle Plug first, then the Charger Station Plug.

Technical Specification

Dimensions280 × 280 × 125 mm Weight 6.5kg

Input current 230 V, 6–32 A (1-phase) AC or 400 V, 6–32 A (3-phase) AC Power output 11 kW (16 A, 3-phase); adjustable to 22 kW (32 A, 3-phase)

Residual current device (RCD) DC 6 mA integrated, optional RCD AC 30 mA and circuit breaker Communication OCPP 1.5/1.6, Modbus TCP, EEBUS Ethernet interface (LAN, RJ45 connection),

WiFi Activation RFID readerfor access control (MIFARE Classic/Desfire) The RFID frequency is 13.56 MHz.

Charging/load managementConfigurable for master and slave operation (up to 250 units), load shedding via floating contacts Safety Internal temperature sensor for reducing the charging current independently of the environmental temperature

Protection class IP67 Impact resistance IK10 Operating temperature −30 °C to +50 °C


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