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Type 2 Male Charge Station Power Outlets,
16A UK, EURO & CEE Blue


  • Proximity Resistor match to Power Socket Rating (13A / 16A)
  • Thermal Protection fitted to both the Charging Plug and Socket Outlet which will turn off the mains supply if an overload scenario occurs
  • Robust Durable Power Sockets 13A Uk, 16A Blue CEE and 16A Euro
  • A Convenient Solution for Outdoor Power and Legacy Vehicle Application


  • 2 State Rocker Switch for Control Pilot States B and C only
  • Insert Charging Plug into Charging Station with Switch in position ‘0’
  • 1 – Switch Position sets the Charger to Ready and enables the mains supply
  • 0 – Switch Position sets the Charger to Standby and disables the mains supply

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