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Electric Vehicle Home & Office Wall Charger

  • Electric Vehicle Home & Office Wall Charger
    Electric Vehicle Home & Office Wall Charger Electric Vehicle Home & Office Wall Charger

HOMECHARGE offers the ideal solution for Safe and Secure EV Charging at Home or Office

Fast, intelligent and easy electric vehicle charging up to six times faster than via a conventional socket. HOMECHARGE blends in perfectly, both indoors and outdoors and is easily fitted to walls or carports. If you require an EV wall charger with a more stylsih/luxury look, then it can be mounted to our optional stainless steel ground mounted pillar.

Incorporating Type 2 (EN62196) sockets and Mode 3 (IEC 61851) communication module with locking mechanism, our unit is ready for all electric vehicles on the market and those coming soon. FUTURE PROOF NOW - Standard charge: 240V 3.7kW (16A) & Fast charge: 240V 7kW (32A) – also suitable for 3 phase 400V 11kW charging.

All important statutory requirements, standards and safety regulations are met and the locking mechanism ensures that power only flows during charging and prevents accidental unplugging during the charging process.

2 Year Warranty

Please select the type of EV wall charger you require from the drop down lists on the right, above the Buy Now button.

Part No EV Wall Charger Description Inc Vat (£) Ex Vat (£)
EV04-62196-2 HC 16/32 Type 2 Socket pre intstalled Single or 3 Phase Open Access 798.00 665.00
EV05-J1772 HC16 Type1 16A Tethered Plug with 4m Cable 3.6kw Open Access 930.00 775.00
EV05-J1772 HC32 Type1 32A Tethered Plug with 4m Cable 7.4kw Open Access 996.00 830.00
EV06-62196-2 HC16 Type2 16A Tethered Plug with 4m Cable 3.7kw Open Access 900.00 750.00
EV06-62196-2 HC32 Type2 32A Tethered Plug with 4m Cable 7.4kw Open Access 900.00 750.00
EV06-62196-2 HC16-3 Type2 16A 3Phase Tethered Plug 4m Cable 11kw Open Access 900.00 750.00
EV06-62196-2 HC32-3 Type2 32A 3Phase Tethered Plug 4m Cable 22kw Open Access 936.00 780.00
Stainless Steel Pedastal 432.00 360.00
EV09-Key Access Key (Not available for Tethered 62196-2 Chargers) 117.60  98.00
EV10-RFID RFID Contactless Car Access 147.00 122.50

    EV04 62196-2 HC16/32
  • £665.00 (£798.00 INC VAT)

For bulk purchases call: +44 (0) 1371 811230

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Free delivery for EV charging cables imageDelivery worldwide image1 year guarantee on all electric vehicle charging cables

Select the cable length you require from the drop down menu on the right. You can also choose a cable colour. We recommend high vis orange if you are charging your electric vehicle at public charge stations.

We provide both 16Amp and 32Amp rated ev charging cables. If you’re unsure which cable is suitable for you, then check the onboard charging capability of your vehicle. Most electric vehicles are fitted with 3KW onboard charger so you would need a 16A Cable, if you have upgraded the onboard Charger to 7KW you would need a 32A Cable

Keeping this EV cable and our portable domestic charger in your vehicle at all times ensures you’re always equipped to charge at any available power source.

EV Connectors have pioneered the design of charging cables and components, setting standards that have now been adopted by the rest of the EV industry. The design of our cables has been refined over many years to improve reliabilty and longevity.

Our cables are manufactured to high standards using quality components. We maintain the use of strong, thick (but flexible) insulation in our cables, some cable manufactureres use thin cables to cut cost, we refuse to compromise on safety.

We deliver worldwide. Enter your location in the shopping basket or during checkout to view available delivery options and prices.

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