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LECV VN5 Electric Van - Charging Plug And Cable Suitable For The LECV VN5 Electric Van

Charging Leads

For connecting your LECV VN5 Electric Van  vehicle to a Charging Station

16 amp Standard Charge 3.7 kw
32 amp Fast Charge 7.4 kw
16 amp 3 Phase 11 kw
32 amp 3 Phase 22 kw

What leads do I need to charge my LECV VN5 Electric Van ?

Answer: Check your vehicles maximum on board charging capability to see if it can charge at 3kw (Slow), 7 Kw (Fast) or 22kw (3 Phase Fast) then refer to the table above to see if you need a 16amp, 32amp or 3 phase rated charge cable. Higher rated cables are backwards compatible with lower charge rates.

Portable Charger

Charge your LECV VN5 Electric Van  directly from any domestic plug socket



Useful additional items for charging your electric vehicle