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Why your fleet might not need fixed charging points

The infrastructure costs for electric vehicle charging can be significant, but they don’t have to be. Almost any power outlets is an opportunity to ‘refuel’, and many workplaces already have industrial ‘Ceeform’ outlets offering fast, safe charging without the need for fixed wallboxes. Here’s what you need to know.

The Juice Booster 2 enables electric vehicle fleets to make full use of these outlets, with a durable 7kw to 22kW portable charging unit and a range of interchangeable Ceeform plugs to suit home and workplace supplies.

What is a ‘Ceeform’ socket?

It’s a set of standards covering industrial sockets, and consumers may already be familiar with them at caravan sites. They are weather-resistant, offer higher power outputs than a domestic socket and are colour-coded according to the electrical supply.

Blue (single phase) offers up to 7.4kW, charging at a rate of 25-30 miles per hour for a car, or 15-20 for a van.

  • Red (three-phase) offers up to 22kW, restoring around 80 miles per hour for a car, or 50 for a van.

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  • Juice Booster 2 Mobile Wall Box
  • Type 2 32A 3Phase Female Vehicle Plug with 5m cable
  • 32A CEE Red Power Adaptor & 32A CEE Blue Power Adaptor
  • Carry Case
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Optional Locking Wall Bracket
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Product details

Housing Diamensions

Length: 280mm, Diameter: 70mm


1.0kg excluding cables, 3.2kg with cables and plugs


1.4kw - 22kw AC

Rated Current

6A to 32A

Mains Voltage

230V (Single Phase) / 400V (3Phase)

Residual Current Device

RCD DC 6mA, AC/DC 30mA with protective conductor monitoring

Protection Class


IP protection rating

IP67 (Protects against damaging quantities of dust and immersion in water for short periods)

Vehicle-end connector

Type 2 (EN 62196) Cable length 5m

Mains-end plug

Over 30 self-detecting adapters are available for domestic, industrial and EV sockets, 1.4m power cable + approx 30cm adapter

Total Cable Length

Approx 5m

Temperature Range

Storage: -30°C to + 60°C Operation: -30°C to + 50°C

Operating elecvation limit

Up to 3,000m above sea level

Impact and drop proof

Able to withstand a wheel load of 2000kg should you drive over it by mistake (the rubber casing may burst, and the housing and polug may be scratched or bent, but live components will not be exposed) Drop proof from heights up to 100cm


Metallic anthracite, black rubber caps and cables


Anodised aluminium with rubber caps


IEC 62752, IEC 62196, 61851-Mode 2, 61851 - Mode 3 (with Type 2 and Type 3c adapters) EMC, RoHS

Product care

Ensure your charge cable is protected against water and damp to ensure the long life of your cable.

Ensure that your charging cable is not twisted or excessively tightly bent during cable storage.

Always store the cable in a dry, clean place. Plug to plug cables should be removed from the charge unit when not in use. This will also protect the charge unit from damp and dust.

Dust caps should always be replaced when cable is not in use.

It is advisable to periodically clean the plug pins with a dry, clean cloth. This will remove any damp or dust particles which will cause damage.

DO NOT drive over your cable or plugs or continually drop the plugs.

We recommend your charge your vehicle in the following sequence:

  • Charge Station.
  • First Plug the Male Charger Plug into the Charge Station then Female Plug into your Vehicle.
  • When finished Charging disconnect the Vehicle Plug first, then the Charger Station Plug.

Juice Booster 2 Product Range

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JB2 Automatic Adaptor Recognition

The Juice Connector with automatic adapter recognition is the proprietary interface for all Juice adapter plugs and extension cables. The Connecting parts are coded and therefore protected against polarity reversal. The Juice Connector has leading contacts to the earth conductor and CP (Control Pilot connection for the transmission of control signals between the electric vehicle and the charging station) this gives maximum application safety. The Plug-In connection is designed in such a way that it can also cover future functions

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How does this benefit fleets?

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An outdoor socket offers several advantages compared to a charging wallbox:

Cost: Grant funding for home chargepoints were withdrawn in April 2022, and regulations introduced in June have made ‘smart’ features mandatory. Both changes have increased the cost of dedicated charging infrastructure.

Convenience: The Juice Booster 2 offers the benefits of a wallbox in portable form, with the ability to charge vehicles at the same rate as a fixed unit and take advantage of cheaper tariffs than being dependent on public networks.

Flexibility: Chargepoints only count as permitted development if they are installed in a garage, car port or driveway, but this doesn’t apply to other sockets. An outdoor socket could provide a safe way to plug in for the 24% of English vehicles without off-street parking – though some local authorities don’t allow cables to run across a pavement.

Employers can pay to install home chargepoints without this counting as a taxable benefit – and this exemption includes the cost of installing external power socket as long as they are used for company-owned vehicles.

How do you install a Ceeform socket at home?

For most properties, the process is straightforward. Installation costs vary depending on the age of your wiring and consumer unit and the location of the socket, but household installations include:

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  • A 32-amp blue socket: These typically comply with IP44 (splash and dust over 1mm resistant) or IP67 (submersion and fine dust resistant) regulations and some feature a built-in switch.
  • Main board upgrades: Such as a 32-amp breaker, or an additional connection if there is insufficient capacity on other circuits
  • Additional wiring: Costs vary depending on the distance between the socket and consumer unit, upgrades or additional capacity needed at the unit itself, and whether the socket requires an indoor shut-off.

It’s worth noting that the same variable costs would also apply to a 32-amp charging wallbox, but the unit itself would be much more expensive.

Can you schedule charging if you’re using a Ceeform socket?

Yes. Many suppliers now offer ‘smart’ circuit breakers for around £50. These replace traditional switches with a unit that can be operated using an app, or voice controlled using systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomeKit.

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The software usually includes options to pre-set when the socket is activated, which would enable it to defer charging until cheaper off-peak periods, if your home is on a dual-rate electricity tariff.

Charge where you need it most

The Juice Booster 2 is the world’s first 7kw to 22kW mobile charging station, designed to utilise shared infrastructure and meet the demands of hard-working fleets. It features:

  • A durable IP67-compliant charging unit which is tough enough to be driven over, operates safely between -25°C and 45°C and offers simple traffic light warnings to identify faults.
  • A choice of interchangeable 16 and 32-amp single and three-phase Ceeform connectors, with an extension cable and three-pin domestic plug for emergencies, each using Juice’s patented waterproof connection system.
  • Intelligent management enabling it to adapt to whatever power is available without overloading the socket.
  • An on-board circuit breaker, residual current protection and temperature monitoring all ensure safe operation.

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